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Vector Point Cranial | Escondido Chiropractor

Vector Point Cranial

Vector Point Cranial Therapy is one of the primary cranial adjusting methods that Dr. Timm uses during her treatments. This therapy is low force and non-invasive. Developed by David Denton, DC, Vector Point Cranial Therapy operates on the premise that most of the subluxations in the body are secondary to a primary subluxation. Once the primary subluxation is corrected, any secondary subluxation will correct on its own. Primary subluxations are located in either the cranium or pelvis. All other subluxations are compensatory and may be located throughout the spine or the jaw. The cranium and pelvis subluxate due to something called dural tension, which is tension in the fibrous sheet that covers the brain and spinal cord.

When the cranial bones are subluxated, dural tension is created. When dural tension is created, the uppermost neck vertebrae and the jaw joints react. When the uppermost vertebrae react, the rest of the body, including soft tissues like organs, adapt. So you can now see that from one subluxation, an entire pattern of compensation and adaptation takes place within the body.

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