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Foot orthotic

Custom Orthotics

We believe that proper spinal alignment begins with our feet. If there is a slight difference in the symmetrical relationship in how our feet make contact with the ground, a domino effect occurs up the rest of our body causing pain in joints and ligaments. If we proceed with our daily activities such as walking, standing, and running, the misalignment could compound into chronic body pains. Click on the illustration to the left for a full size illustration of how orthotics can help you.


Dr. Timm takes a digital 3D image of each foot to create a custom Foot Levelers orthotic that corrects any foot alignment issues. You have many insert style options to chose from to fit your unique applications. There are orthotic inserts for business, sports, and general applications. Our orthotics can even be created in flip-flop options. Click below to contact Dr. Timm for a free orthotic consultation.

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